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Marie-Christine Delabelle (B)

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Wie lautet der Name Ihres Zwingers?

What`s the name of your kennel?

Di Mahana is the name of our kennel.

Wann bekamen Sie Ihren ersten Hund/Whippet?

When did you get your first dog/whippet?

The first dog was a afghan bitch called “Charming Lady El Rachman” 1978 our first whippet was “Magie Noire El Kahal” a black racing bitch this was in the year 1988.

Seit wann züchten Sie Hunde/Whippets?

When did you start breeding dogs/whippets?

Our first litter was a racing litter with the letter “O” we kept Oxygène a black and white bitch in the year 2.5.1990. Magie Noire El Kahal x Kazan a racing litter.

Welche Rassen züchten Sie?

Which dogs have you bred?

Two litters of Afghans and several litters whippets.

Welcher Hund hat für Sie die größte Bedeutung? (Zucht, Ausstellung, sonstiges)

Is there a dog of particular importance for you? (breeding, showing, or anything else)

Our foundation bitch “Gigi” Gladys du Manoir de la Grenouillère and our foundation dog “French” French King du Manoir de la Grenouillère.

Our most winning bitch Daydream is a grandchild of those two dogs.

Wann bekamen Sie die Freigabe zur Richtertätigkeit?

When did you get your judging-licence?

I became official a judge in 1989.

Welche Rassen beurteilen Sie?

Which breeds have you judged?

All sighthounds and Dalmatinac.

Wo waren Sie bereits als Richter tätig?

Where have you already judged dogs?

All over Europe, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Schotland, Ireland, Ungarn, Slovakije, Swisse, Tjechië.

Gibt es eine Ausstellung die für Sie eine ganz besondere Bedeutung hat?

Is there any show of particular importance for you?

Jahr Austellung Whippets in 1993 with the judge Bo Bengston and our Gladys became Best in Show and also winning several classes with other dogs…

Wie kamen Sie zum Whippet?

How did you get in touch/fell in love with whippets?

A good friend of mine had a lovely black bitch “Pup” and when she had a litter we took one “Magie Noire” and 6 months later she had an other litter and we took the second one “Misty”. A few months later we took our first show whippet “French King du Manoir de la Grenouillère” and a year later came Gigi and this was the start of the Di Mahana whippets.

Was sind aus Ihrer Sicht, die größten Stärken, die die Whippets momentan haben?

What do you think, are the specific qualities of the breed (Whippet) at present?

I think we are very strong in whippets at the present.

Wie sieht für Sie der ideale Whippet aus?

How do you wish “the perfect Whippet” to look like?

I prefer a sound movement, that is all I prefer and when you see this you have “the perfect Whippet”.

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