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Mr. Johnston Mc Leod (SCO)

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Wie lautet der Name Ihres Zwingers?
What`s the name of your kennel?

The name of my kennel is Peperone

Wann bekamen Sie Ihren ersten Hund/Whippet?
When did you get your first dog/whippet?

I purchased my first whippet in 1969

Seit wann züchten Sie Hunde/Whippets?
When did you start breeding dogs/whippets?

Our first litter was born in 1972

Welche Rassen züchten Sie?
Which dogs have you bred?

We have owned or bred 15 UK Champions . Ch Peperone Plaything , Ch P Pepper, Ch P Papermate, Ch Hardknott Quadrille , Ch P Pink Gin, Ch P Paper Model , Ch P Pyramid of Spinney Hill , Ch P Parisian , Ch P Pit a Pat , CH P Play Off , Ch P Personalised , Ch & Aus Ch P White Heather , Ch P Palmero , Ch & Aus CH P Solid Gold , Ch P Pure Gold .

Welcher Hund hat für Sie die größte Bedeutung? (Zucht, Ausstellung, sonstiges)
Is there a dog of particular importance for you? (breeding, showing, or anything else)

Our first whippet Troutburn Silver Sabre was very important to me . He won well at Shows & was Racing Champion 3 years in a row in Scotland . Olso when mated to our first bitch Skylark of Glenbervie bitch he sired our first Champion Peperone Plaything .

Wann bekamen Sie die Freigabe zur Richtertätigkeit?
When did you get your judging-licence?

I got my judging licence in 1991.

Welche Rassen beurteilen Sie?
Which breeds have you judged?

I judge only Whippets at Ch show level & all Hounds & Terriers at Open shows .

Wo waren Sie bereits als Richter tätig?
Where have you already judged dogs?

I have judged in UK ,Australia , New Zealand & Sweden

Gibt es eine Ausstellung die für Sie eine ganz besondere Bedeutung hat?
Is there any show of particular importance for you?

The show which is important to me is the Hound Show at Stafford .

Wie kamen Sie zum Whippet?
How did you get in touch/fell in love with whippets?

When i was a small boy my father had racing greyhounds so when our children asked for a pet the Whippet was my choice .

Was sind aus Ihrer Sicht, die größten Stärken, die die Whippets momentan haben?
What do you think, are the specific qualities of the breed (Whippet) at present?

They are one of the healthiest breeds and have such wonderlul temprements .

Wie sieht für Sie der ideale Whippet aus?
How do you wish “the perfect Whippet” to look like?

For me a whippet should be as near to our breed standerd as possible . A dog should look masculine and a bitch should be elegant , they should have balance & grace of outline , shoulders well laid back with good length of upperarm , also flat muscle , which gives them the smoothness & elegance , deep body with well filled front , stifles well bent but not exaggurated , short hocks , one of the most difficult things to achieve is substance & quality & that long easy stride holding the topline

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